Client Trends: Giving Back

As people come together to face the unprecedented challenges of the last few months, they are finding ways to protect not just themselves and their loved ones but their larger community and even the global community.

After consulting resources like this recent New York Times article about ways to help victims of the pandemic, they are donating everything from meals and economic support to medical supplies and blood.

Knightsbridge Park recently published our list of NYC-based organizations that assist people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we also featured the philanthropy of our client RXR, who gave $1 million to the community of New Rochelle, the site of the first major outbreak of COVID-19 in the nation.

We’re pleased to see that our other clients and partners are also participating in the trend to “give back” during this crisis.

For example, the team behind Skyline Tower deployed the building’s Instagram Stories as part of a “Paint the Town” partnership with LIC Relief to donate $25 for every colored illustration of Skyline Tower that tagged the building.

Now, they’re donating art supplies to shelters and The Floating Hospital for Children. For every colored illustration they receive from The Floating Hospital, they will donate $15 to their cause.

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