Virtual Toolkit

The following toolkit includes information about exclusive Knightsbridge Park creative services, as well as recommendations for external platforms that can provide invaluable resources to your sales team during this unprecedented social and professional challenge.

As a protective—and proactive—strategy for our clients, their agents, and prospects, we strongly recommend moving toward virtual appointments and tours, leveraging tools like virtual conferencing and 360° video, to provide a safe and engaging digital sales experience.

Note: Most images within the toolkit are clickable video links

Virtual Tours

With so many people spending all their time at home, video views are up around the world—way up. Virtual tours can be leveraged to build brand awareness, increase engagement, and generate continued leads.

Digital Ads

Update your existing Display and Banner ads, encouraging users to take actions like “Schedule a Virtual Tour Today.” Refine your Paid Social campaigns, overlaying images with bold copy, prominently calling attention to your virtual tour capabilities.

Email Marketing

Not only are newsletters an excellent way to cross-promote virtual content housed on your website and social channels, but email marketing campaigns produce higher engagement and more qualified leads.

Additional Digital Resources

In addition to the above, we want to arm your sales team with external resources that will help them to succeed in a remote environment.

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