Real Estate Analytics

In addition to our position as a first-class marketing agency, our emphasis on the quantitative aspects of a campaign—also known as analytics—is unparalleled.

At Knightsbridge Park, we offer our clients a personalized reporting dashboard, which provides up-to-the-minute results, insights, and analytics. By comparing the quality of web traffic from different sources and monitoring the effectiveness of online advertising, we can continually refine and improve your marketing strategy and gain valuable insight about how your brand is seen and understood. Your marketing and sales teams will benefit from the robust information we can provide on user behaviors and highly targeted demographics.

70 Charlton | West SoHo

To that end we:

  • Analyze the sources, demographics, and user behavior of traffic on your website
  • Craft (and, when appropriate, revise) our marketing tactics, based on our evaluation of the relative merits of different campaigns (ad buys, PR, search engine strategies, etc.)
  • Share insights about what may be the best channels/demographic groups/geographic areas to emphasize
  • Provide ROI analysis and recommendations based on efficiency and cost
  • Furnish clients with detailed reporting
  • Issue recommendations on how to improve website performance and increase conversions
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