Digital Advertising

Real Estate Digital Advertising

What sets Knightsbridge Park apart is our unique, precisely targeted approach to digital advertising. We take the pulse of a highly specific audience and develop a comprehensive plan to reach qualified prospects for a specific project or portfolio, across all appropriate platforms.

Our team has pioneered a fine-grained approach to online advertising that uses something we call “Bespoke Persona Targeting.” In the same way that traditional print and broadcast media benefited from perfecting the art of demography by age and gender, digital advertising today allows companies to fine-tune demographic targeting and magnify its impact.

We collect and analyze information about travel and lifestyle preferences, spending habits, and taste in furniture and décor for each of these personas, from young professionals and families to well-heeled retirees. In this way, we identify the audience(s) most likely to yield concrete results for your campaign.

And that’s just the beginning. From divining who’s actively in the market for real estate to identifying the brokers who are the best and most willing facilitators for your project, our targeting prowess is empowered by our impressive collective imagination. That’s the Knightsbridge Park difference.

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Real Estate Search Engine Marketing

As part of our comprehensive package of services, our advertising team places strong emphasis on paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Increasingly, online visitors are getting their content from search engines like Google rather than typing in distinct website addresses. Securing prime placement is crucial and competitive. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in real estate.

The most common form of real estate search engine marketing (SEM) is Google AdWords, and as a recognized Google Premier Partner, we not only bring the highest level of expertise but boast a direct line to the Google team at Mountain View. With millions of advertising dollars under management yearly, we hold regular conference calls with Google, take part in invite-only, in-person sessions, and beta test new offerings.

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