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Knightsbridge Park provides full-service social media marketing solutions to communicate your message to an always-on network of users. Working with your team, we craft a social identity for your brand through organic, advertising, and influencer campaigns. From visual experts and copywriters to strategists, community managers, and analysts, our team takes every aspect of social media to the apex, becoming the voice of your project.


As storytellers, we strategically utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to organically share your content. Content could be anything from your latest project updates to stunning visuals, blog posts, and more. By understanding data and applying our learnings to your creative products, we provide a platform-specific approach that enhances your ROI to in-market renters, potential buyers, and brokers.


Crafting social media campaigns for real estate marketing is a complex endeavor. You might need to reach affluent young families with a taste for midcentury style, or your focus may be on-trend empty nesters looking to downsize. By utilizing persona-based identification and targeting, social media advertising allows us to cut through the noise and connect directly with those who are likely to convert.


Word-of-mouth marketing has never been more crucial than now. Influencer campaigns have proven impactful in driving content, relationship building, brand awareness, and leads. Whether clients are looking to partner with top-tier trendsetters or micro-lifestyle experts, we work to build those connections through our network of influencers and leverage their following.

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