Small Changes, Big Results: The Impact of UX Optimizations

When the team behind a New York City luxury building project felt that their website was not performing up to expectations, they came to Knightsbridge Park for help.

“In today’s digital landscape, it has become increasingly imperative for companies to revamp websites when they begin to see decreased activity over a period of time,” says the account team at Knightsbridge Park. Clients must stay ahead of the curve with their user experience (UX) or risk becoming a “deer in the headlights” and losing out on traffic and leads.

And–crucially–sites must also be optimized for mobile consumption, given the mobile-first nature of today’s user profile, where well over half of visitors may be browsing from their phones.

Some of the recommendations that Knightsbridge Park made to the client were simple, such as the inclusion of a favicon image to the site. (This is a small icon that serves as branding for a website. Its main purpose is to help users more easily locate a specific page in a browser when they have multiple tabs open.) Other recommendations required rethinking how the entire site was being perceived by users. To remedy the client’s chief concern, that their site wasn’t generating enough contact form submissions, the account team recommended fleshing out the client’s Contact Page with extended copy on the page as well as the building’s value proposition.At Knightsbridge Park, a Contact Page is treated quite similarly to an About Us page, which means using the typically sparse landing page as another opportunity to inform users about a building’s unique selling points.

Mockup of UX optimizations and implementation on a Contact Page
Mockup of UX optimizations and implementation on a Contact Page

These simple yet strategic UX changes paid big dividends. Two months after implementing KB Park’s recommendations, the client’s website saw a 1,960% increase in page views and a 217% increase in contact form submissions, as well as a slight bump in average view duration. There were no pauses, relaunches, or budget increases during the time of the UX optimizations, confirming that the results were largely due to the UX efforts. By streamlining the site, adding a Contact Page to the main navigation tab, and spreading the ad copy to every available corner, the client brought the design of their website into the modern era, thanks to KB Park.Customers expect a higher standard of website functionality than ever before,” says the KB Park team. This is the area in which Knightsbridge Park thrives: deploying their digital expertise to help clients succeed.Reach out today and start getting the most out of your digital marketing space.