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How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO and Rank Higher on Google
Social Media Today, September 2, 2018

Climbing the ranks on Google was once simply a matter of knowing how to implement effective SEO, but many marketers are coming to realize the important role social media can play in boosting a brand’s visibility online. And effective digital marketers have taken note: Knightsbridge Park is successfully using social media—leveraging referral traffic, increased visibility in a competitive market, backlinking, enhanced customer loyalty, and improved insight about demographics—to expand their clients’ audiences. For those committed to providing high-quality marketing content, it’s clear that social media has paved a new path forward: Facebook has 1.33 billion active daily users, while Twitter boasts 328 million, providing businesses a captive audience blogs alone can’t touch.

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Why Content Still Matters in the Ad Tech Sphere
Adweek, August 31, 2018

Targeting the right market with your marketing and advertising strategies goes far beyond simply buying demographic information about your audience. And it’s not just an adept marketing strategy that propels audience-brand interactions: in the grand scheme of things, content is still king—and businesses eager to secure their audiences haven’t forgotten that. It’s the reason why companies like Knightsbridge Park craft unique readable stories and messages and compelling imagery that engage their clients’ audiences without feeling like a sales pitch. Instead of simply turning to data and SEO strategy to draw traffic, it’s time to return to the basics: creating great content that brings loyal clients and potential customers back time and time again.

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