Knightsbridge Park, a Google Premier Partner, is the
leading digital real estate marketing agency in
the United States and internationally.

Since 2010, clients have entrusted us to market over $15 billion in luxury property. We help them succeed by deploying a combination of the latest in real estate digital ad tech, search engine strategy, content marketing, and social media management. Our strategies and campaigns, which are informed by industry-leading analytics and reporting, enable our clients to sell or rent luxury residences to the most discerning of clientele worldwide.

Our Clients

432 Park Avenue
520 West 28th Street
30 Park Place
56 Leonard


Case Study: New Tools, New Stories

The Knightsbridge Park team is committed to using every tool at our disposal to tell our clients’ stories and engage with their audiences. During Q1, our organic social media team reimagined the social profile of one of our clients, 1228 Madison, boosting engagement and creating a new, holistic experience that constructs a digital version of a brick-and-mortar property.

All-in-One Spaces

At Knightsbridge Park, we leverage trends and insights like these to help you as a luxury developer or property owner create digital strategies to meet the shifting needs of clients more effectively in both established and emerging markets.


More than any other digital team, Knightsbridge Park understands your target audience, as well as the intricacies of digital real estate marketing, development, and sales/leasing processes. We have worked on all sides of the business, and we have obtained the in-depth knowledge of true real estate experts.