Client Spotlight: RXR Realty

In the shadow of COVID-19, one of Knightsbridge Park’s clients, RXR Realty, has stepped up to help the city of New Rochelle, a community heavily impacted by the disease. We are proud to work with such clients, providing support, supplies, and hope to those in need.

RXR Realty provided a positive story amid the chaos when the company announced that it would donate $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts around New Rochelle.

“We’re proud to support those organizations on the front lines of providing essential food and non-food services to our most vulnerable,” said RXR Chairman and CEO Scott Rechler. “Now, more than ever, is the time for all of us to step up and support our New Rochelle neighbors in need.”

Organizations slated to receive some of this money include WestCOP (the Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc.), HOPE Community Services, and The Guidance Center of Westchester. These groups help provide vital food and other necessary items to residents as well as telehealth services to seniors, a crucial technology in the current crisis.

Noam Bramson, the Mayor of New Rochelle, praised RXR, saying, “In the face of an unprecedented challenge, it is essential for our entire community to come together, including the investors and builders who have a direct stake in New Rochelle’s future.”

RXR Realty has been working with the city of New Rochelle on its master plan since 2016 and, through this process, has developed strong ties with the community.

Just a couple of months ago, the firm launched a program to provide grants to New Rochelle youth organizations through the RXR Building Community Fund at the Westchester Community Foundation as part of their holistic investment in the city’s future.

This is not the first time that RXR Realty has stepped up when action was needed.

The firm also hosted a “Week of Women” last year, which celebrated “women of today’s workplace” through a series of women-led events that combined foodie-fueled workshops with conversations about leadership, inclusion, and community.

Beyond these events, RXR Realty demonstrates its commitment to building a more livable future through its work, especially when it comes to developing buildings that are sure to stand the test of time.

Many of the firm’s projects aim for LEED Certification, meaning that they are sustainably constructed using the fewest environmentally destructive materials as well as being designed to be incredibly energy-efficient going forward.

Rechler called for “CEOs to take a greater level of social responsibility,” and the COVID-19 outbreak is proving that Rechler continues to practice what he preaches and model good citizenship and social responsibility.

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