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Winter has descended on Manhattan, turning the city streets into dark and mysterious corridors and the store windows into beacons of light. In this season, a building’s lobby serves as a portal into a world of warmth and brightness, and this month, the Knightsbridge Park team has been dreaming about our favorite lighting fixtures around the city. From a nine-meter-long art piece with more than one thousand glass components to falling flowers suspended from the ceiling, these lighting fixtures blur the line between form and function, creating airy works of art that welcome residents inside their buildings.

At The Centrale in Midtown, a gentle cascade of illuminated flowers is forever falling onto the seating in the Great Room, where residents can relax and warm up after coming in from the cold. This installation by Montreal-based sculptor Pascale Girardin reminds residents of the changing seasons and connects the building’s urban setting with the natural world, creating a balance between Manhattan’s organic and inorganic aspects. The rest of the lighting in The Centrale is similarly inspired, with recessed lighting creating a backdrop for dramatic centerpieces found around the building’s many public areas.

Farther south on the island at One Manhattan Square, Czech glassmakers at Sans Souci have created a massive light sculpture composed of more than 1,000 individual glass elements. The piece takes the design firm’s central shape—the bowl—and uses it as the building block for a flowing wave of light, creating a floating swirl of white, black, and gold above the building’s entrance staircase. Each hand-blown bowl features a nano-coating of white and gold finish and has been carefully rotated to create the overall aesthetic, while illumination from above sets the piece apart from its industrial-inspired surroundings.

Near the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, the residences at One West End feature interiors by Jeffrey Beers International, including custom lighting fixtures in common areas that both light up the place and serve as focal points. Hanging over the lobby and its seating area, for example, are sculptural fixtures made of countless stalactite-shaped elements with illuminated tips across which light appears to flow like a wave. Elsewhere in the tower, simpler designs offer playful takes on the lampshade and classic pool table light, and they all come together to present a sleek, sophisticated collection of luxurious interiors.

With night falling earlier each day, take a moment to savor these and other artsy light fixtures in the various properties in our portfolio. And if you have a project that needs a little extra light shone upon it, too, reach out to our team of real estate digital marketing experts.

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