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Microsoft’s Bing, and ChatGPT may have just redefined the search engine. While it’s no secret that Bing is a distant second to Google when it comes to search engine dominance—accounting for just under 9% of the market share—that distribution may be shifting soon. As the New York Times reported, Microsoft has redeveloped Bing using artificial intelligence system ChatGPT. It’s   a far more dynamic, hybrid search system that has the potential to change the way we use an essential part of the internet and thus, the world of real estate marketing as well. 

What you type as a search can be a sentence-long question or request, and the results you receive will be split into two defined sections. One section displays links and ads like we’re used to from search engines, while the other is a written reply answering your query and directing you to pages for more information. 

Here’s one of the examples the Times gives:

“Type in a prompt—say, “Write me a menu for a vegetarian dinner party”—and the left side of your screen fills up with the standard ads and links to recipe websites. On the right side, Bing’s A.I. engine starts typing out a response in full sentences, often annotated with links to the websites it’s retrieving information from.”

But the applications of a system like this extend far beyond dinner party menus. AI has the capacity to spark cataclysmic change within the real estate industry—from how properties are listed and marketed, to how consumers find and purchase those properties. The ability to hyper-focus, to analyze search patterns and user behavior, to go beyond simple word searches to full, fleshed-out requests means accuracy on both sides like no one has ever experienced. It means real estate companies can find the precise buyers they’re looking for and vice versa. It also has the potential to streamline the sales process. 

Using AI search engines enables far more of a personalized experience than the current model, but operating successfully within this shiny new arena requires knowledge—and a deft hand. At Knightsbridge Park, it’s our job to stay in the know about all emerging trends and technologies that may affect our clients and open doors to new opportunities. Our commitment to staying on the pulse makes us the best in the business at ensuring your property has a robust SEO strategy and a strong overarching digital presence. Be sure to follow us for more insights on the future of marketing.

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