2019: Knightsbridge Park’s Year of Growth

Knightsbridge Park has a lot to celebrate as a new decade begins.

2019 was a very big year for our team, our New York headquarters, and our expanding portfolio all over the country. As part of our transformation, we settled into spacious new digs in the historic Flatiron District near Madison Square Park. The new offices are flexible and open, with high ceilings and big windows, beautiful views, wonderful local food and cultural scenes, and plenty of room for Milli, Laika, and Beau, our office dogs.

As it turns out, the new space arrived just in time because our team experienced a growth spurt this year. KB Park now has 24 full-time digital experts on staff, and we expect to add more in 2020.

We also have a new department entirely devoted to social media, with 12 full-time team members working on organic social, paid social, influencer management, and creative services.

We service over 70 clients in the social media realm, and for each project, we create a unique brand identity and distinctive voice for their social media platforms.

KB Park’s in-house creative team also got a boost: we now offer our clients a full suite of creative services, including photography and videography of interior and exterior amenities, model residences, building exteriors, and surrounding neighborhoods.

We were thrilled to announce in 2019 that Knightsbridge Park is now a Google Premier Partner. Only a small fraction of creative agencies are given a Google Partner badge, and only 3% of those are awarded Premier Partner badges—an accolade that is vanishingly rare in real estate marketing. Google accounts for 90% of the world’s search activity and almost 40% of online ads, so it remains the most important single platform for marketing today.

Our Premier Partnership means that we now work with a team of five Google representatives—dedicated strategy consultants and advertising specialists—who make sure our accounts are a top priority. We also have early access to Google’s beta programs, which we can put to work for our clients before they become commonplace.

On top of all that, we also established a Facebook Marketing Partnership, which recognizes and supports marketing firms like ours that meet Facebook’s high standards and go through a rigorous vetting process.

Online and off, we’re developing our impressive footprint in vibrant markets across the country. We have new accounts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Tampa Bay, Palm Beach, Chicago, and Boston. Here’s to a new decade, many happy returns, and another inspiring year of growth!