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For marketers seeking to connect with audiences on Google’s most popular feeds, high impact ‘Discovery Ads’ offer a creative solution to a common problem – how to halt consumers mid-scroll and inspire measurable action.

Sometimes called ‘Native Ads’ because they mirror the look and feel of the platform in which they appear, Discovery Ads are a welcome evolution from text-only ads – which despite the best efforts of crafty copywriters were often ignored completely.


Turning “Window Shoppers” into Consumers

It’s hardly surprising that consumers today are more visually literate than ever before. As such, they are drawn to imagery that connects on a deeper emotional level – and therein lies the opportunity with Discovery Ads. Or as Google observed recently, advertisers now have the “canvas, brush and paint” to create “high-quality visual experiences that delight the eye while offering authentic, meaningful messages”. This means potentially driving more sales with up to 3 billion people as they scroll through content on YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

How it Works

Google employs tools such as a “smart” bidding process, audience expansion modules and machine learning to attract the most qualified users to its Discovery Ads – but advertisers and specifically content creators have a part to play by ensuring that ads feature the “highest-quality image assets.”

Art & Science = Success

Armed with an understanding of how Google uses the tools outlined above, Knightsbridge Park helps clients by creating compelling, eye-catching content – that not only looks great – but provides significant ROI as well.

Working with clients that literally redefine skylines in some of the most iconic cities across the world, we are privileged to have such an expansive palette at our disposal. Blending the artistry of creative content with the rigor of digital analytics allows Knightsbridge Park to deliver meaningful results for our clients.

Reasons to Believe

Including Google Discovery Ads as part of an advertising plan for one of our luxury real estate clients recently brought about a dramatic boost in contact form submissions by +400% – this and a 64% jump in form submissions CPA (cost per ad) and 20% boost in click-through rate.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting. Staying ahead of the curve is a challenge we relish – it’s why we do what we do for the industry we love – luxury real estate.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you build your brand and amplify your marketing efforts.

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