Case Study: New Tools, New Stories


The Knightsbridge Park team is committed to using every tool at our disposal to tell our clients’ stories and engage with their audiences. And social media gives us the opportunity to craft compelling visual narratives on powerful platforms that many people are already using each day. During Q1, our organic social media team reimagined the social profile of one of our clients, 1228 Madison, boosting engagement and creating a new, holistic experience that constructs a digital version of a brick-and-mortar property.

Our social media team was inspired by the most compelling attributes of 1228 Madison and its neighborhood and identified three pillars for our organic social strategy. The first pillar, the building itself, took advantage of the unique design by RAMSA, who created a highly detailed and luxurious collection of full-floor homes that rewards up-close attention. The second pillar is the neighborhood, Carnegie Hill, an area of the Upper East Side that is rich with architectural history and cultural institutions, all set against the verdant backdrop of Central Park. The individual resident experience is the third and final pillar, representing the convergence of the first two and providing a glimpse into daily life at 1228 Madison.

Our team then took this new narrative and began to deploy Instagram’s visual storytelling tools to bring it to life via a visually consistent IG page. We implemented a new color scheme that balances black and white photography with a limited color palette centered on the facade’s greys and taupes. By mixing stunning shots of the building against the sky at dusk with detailed treatments of Kelly Behun’s interior design—and images from culturally significant locales around Carnegie Hill—our team weaves a story about the 1228 Madison lifestyle.

Example of Instagram Rebrand
Example of Instagram Rebrand

Beyond standard Instagram posts, our team is leveraging the platform’s emerging video and location-specific features to enrich 1228 Madison’s story. The new Guides feature gives us a perfect place to support the second pillar, tying 1228 Madison into the historic tapestry of the Carnegie Hill neighborhood. IG Reels are ideal for video tours of individual homes, bringing together the first and third pillars by giving prospective residents the first-person experience of being inside the building.

This holistic approach to organic social media is paying dividends. We’ve already seen a 74% increase in followers and a 95% jump in impressions for this client, with a 41% improvement in engagement during the launch month alone. Results like these empower our team to continue to innovate and match all our clients with discerning homebuyers and tenants. Reach out to our team of real estate digital marketing experts, to learn more about our services.