The KBP Culture Committee Brings the Team Together

Renee Phillips, Artist and Painter (@ReneePhillips)

As our team has grown from a tight group of five to a family of more than twenty employees, Knightsbridge Park has remained a place where coworkers meet up for more than just a coffee break (or work).

From overnight retreats to team dinners to evenings spent chasing one more round of shuffleboard, the Knightsbridge Park team has always loved spending time together. In 2019, with the firm expanding, we created the Culture Committee.

Upon its inception, the Culture Committee organized the Knightsbridge Park Gives Back initiative, which enabled employees to volunteer with Citymeals on Wheels to provide food directly to New Yorkers in need during the holiday season.

Devra Martinez, Vice President and founder of the Culture Committee, has organized initiatives that have preserved the team’s sense of togetherness during the course of the last few months.

“We firmly believe the hard work and dedication of our team members have come from the deep-rooted culture KBP has offered through the years, and this is something we don’t want to lose sight of during this virtual period of time.”

In addition to these community-focused initiatives, the KBP Culture Committee is also responsible for organizing intraoffice activities that unite the team.

Last year’s potluck dinner, Fitness Club meetups, and monthly Book Club discussions have been replaced by virtual meetings based around these common interests to preserve this unified feeling. A Zoom-based art class was hosted by artist Renee Phillips, who took the team through the process of making collages with materials that could be found at home.

But not everything the Committee does requires so much planning. One of the most popular initiatives has been simply continuing the office’s biweekly happy hours virtually. Sure, logging on to digitally toast your coworkers isn’t exactly the same as meeting up at the bar, but for the Knightsbridge Park team, it’s the company, and not the setting, that counts.

By cultivating a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals, Knightsbridge Park has created a culture of togetherness that has continued to thrive and sustain itself despite the current social limitations.

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