Knightsbridge Park Gives Back

New York City is world-renowned for restaurants that never close—and deliver at all hours. But for the city’s aging population, shopping and cooking can be physically and financially difficult, and that means that some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers are at risk of going hungry. That’s why Citymeals on Wheels is one of Knightsbridge Park’s favorite charitable organizations to volunteer with.

Our recently formed Culture Committee—which is tasked with everything from planning special events to decorating our offices for the holidays—is in charge of coordinating our volunteer work. We’re New Yorkers at heart, and though we work on amazing projects all over the world, it means a lot to us to help our neighbors close to home, especially at this time of year. Citymeals is an ideal partner for a company like Knightsbridge Park, which has staff members with diverse skills and talents, because they make it easy for people to help in different ways, such as cooking and delivering food, visiting or calling seniors just to chat, writing and decorating cards, or helping out in the office.

Founded in 1981, Citymeals on Wheels started relatively small with a Christmas dinner for 6,000 New Yorkers in need, prepared at a cost of $35,000. Today, the organization raises $17.5 million and provides 3 million meals each year. New York Magazine restaurant critic Gael Greene and renowned chef James Beard teamed up to launch Citymeals on Wheels after learning that federal funding only covers food deliveries Monday through Friday, but not on weekends or holidays, so some homebound New Yorkers go hungry at those times. Drawing on their wide circle of friends in the restaurant world, the pair created what is now one of the largest food delivery programs in the United States. No New Yorker needs to be alone or hungry on Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year’s Day, or Easter. Citymeals also prepares Holiday Food Boxes for delivery and supplies Emergency Food Packages for those in need throughout the winter months when shopping is very difficult.

This year, Knightsbridge Park is matching all staff charitable contributions up to $1,500, so, on top of the on-site volunteer work we do at Citymeals, our donations will stretch twice as far. As Jared Seeger, our company’s founder, explains, “Knightsbridge Park is fortunate to have a team that brings the same passion to philanthropic endeavors and client projects. We strongly believe in the credo of doing well by doing good: a commitment that extends well past the holidays.”