Staying Safe by Going Virtual

The team at Knightsbridge Park has been focused on keeping our clients in touch with prospective buyers and renters despite the need for physical distance.

Reaching Out While Staying In

Even as our worlds have shrunk to the size of our apartments in the last month, the team at Knightsbridge Park continues to be dedicated to helping those just outside our four walls.

Knightsbridge Park: Working from Home (for You)

The past few weeks have presented a lot of new challenges — for families and businesses alike. At Knightsbridge Park, we're navigating uncharted territory too, but when it comes to working remotely -- as our full team is currently doing -- this isn’t our first rodeo.

Client Spotlight: RXR Realty

In the shadow of COVID-19, one of Knightsbridge Park’s clients, RXR Realty, has stepped up to help the city of New Rochelle, a community heavily impacted by the disease. We are proud to work with such clients, providing support, supplies, and hope to those in need.