The XI: A Visionaries Gallery Elevating the Sales Gallery Experience

Home to many of New York City’s best art galleries and museums, Chelsea is currently experiencing yet another creative awakening; this time, at the cutting-edge intersection of art and architecture. Right now, this marriage of inspiration and function is nowhere more apparent than inside the unprecedented Visionaries Gallery—a spectacular sales gallery for The XI (“The Eleventh”) the new twisting towers developed by HFZ Capital Group and designed by Bjarke Ingels Group.

The Crown: 212 Fifth Avenue’s Jewel of a Penthouse

The New York City skyline is dotted with top-floor apartments that bear the designation of "penthouse." But at 212 Fifth Avenue, the penthouse is much more than that—it's a place where design, history, and luxury exist alongside one another, producing a penthouse home that is as unique as it is awe-inspiring.