Celebrate Architecture and Design with Archtober

With this year’s Archtober five-borough festival scheduled to begin October 1st, we’ve compiled a list of must-attend virtual and in-person events for the month. We also recommend downloading the Archtober Guide app as a resource to keep you intrigued and fueled throughout the festival.

Millennials at the Crossroads of Buy vs Rent

Identifying the specific nuances of segments within the millennial audience and the trends that are driving their behavior is equally critical to success. Information like this intrigues and motivates our team and we will continue to learn about them and work to capture their interest.

Demystifying Instagram

The Wizard of Oz from the movie of the same name famously offered this piece of advice to Dorothy and her friends once the curtain was pulled back and the Wizard’s true identity was revealed. Much like Dorothy, digital marketers today have been in the dark for some time about the inner workings of Instagram and, specifically, how it determines which content is served up to users across each of its key features. Until now.

Case Study: New Tools, New Stories

The Knightsbridge Park team is committed to using every tool at our disposal to tell our clients’ stories and engage with their audiences. During Q1, our organic social media team reimagined the social profile of one of our clients, 1228 Madison, boosting engagement and creating a new, holistic experience that constructs a digital version of a brick-and-mortar property.

All-in-One Spaces

At Knightsbridge Park, we leverage trends and insights like these to help you as a luxury developer or property owner create digital strategies to meet the shifting needs of clients more effectively in both established and emerging markets.