The Not-So-Secret Gardens

Here at Knightsbridge Park, we love a good bit of landscape architecture; for this week’s blog, we want to highlight a few of our favorite horticultural amenities from properties in our portfolio.

Resort-Style Summertime Amenities

After a spring spent inside, summer has been coming in hot to give folks safely sheltering at home an excuse to break free and get in some seasonal play while paying careful attention to the wellbeing of their loved ones, neighbors, and greater community.

First Steps: Recognition and Gratitude

The architecture and design worlds have been graced by many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals whose artistry and vision have shaped the environments in which we live, but their contributions have often been overlooked.

LGBTQIA Architects: Singularity and Variety

In celebration of Pride Month, the Knightsbridge Park team is highlighting the singularity and variety of four LGBTQIA architects from the 20th and 21st centuries whose stories you might not know, even if you recognize and admire the innovative buildings and spaces they designed.