Reaching Out While Staying In

Even as our worlds have shrunk to the size of our apartments in the last month, the team at Knightsbridge Park continues to be dedicated to helping those just outside our four walls.

As a New York-based real estate marketing firm, we’ve identified some charities and advocacy groups that provide crucial support to members of our city and our community. These groups need our help now and will continue to need it even after this specific crisis has passed. After all, one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted is our collective need to improve circumstances for everyone in our society, and some of these organizations have been on the ground doing this work for decades.

Robin Hood Foundation has been providing services to impoverished New Yorkers since 1988. The Foundation combines a charitable mission with sound investment principles to create lasting change in the lives of New Yorkers through individual projects and partnerships with other organizations.

Robin Hood has already distributed over $11 million in COVID-19 funds to more than a hundred grantees, which include New York hospitals as well as organizations that provide services for low-income families around the five boroughs.

Citymeals On Wheels, a venerable local charity that has been providing food to elderly New Yorkers since Christmas of 1981, is another one of Knightsbridge Park’s favorite organizations.

The group has grown dramatically over the decades, thanks to dedicated donors and volunteers (including our own Knightsbridge Park team), ultimately providing over 500,000 meals to homebound New Yorkers last year alone. Now, with shelter-in-place guidelines making their work even more important, Citymeals has launched an unprecedented initiative designed to meet the unprecedented demand and has already provided 120,000 meals since the guidelines went into effect.

The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown New Yorkers who were already vulnerable into even more danger, placing groups like Coalition for the Homeless at the center of relief activities.

Coalition for the Homeless, which, like Citymeals, was started in 1981, has provided New Yorkers living on the margins with shelter, legal aid, and services that have helped thousands reclaim their lives. They have advocated for these people during the current crisis, including putting pressure on Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to keep them safe.

The Knightsbridge Park team is grateful that groups like these are part of the response to the crisis in New York City. We know that all around the country (and the world), people share our desire to protect each other, pick up the pieces, and support those who are feeling the impact of COVID-19.