Reignite the Social Aspect of Real Estate, With Bespoke Virtual Backgrounds

Video calls: these days we’re all doing more of them. It’s not ideal — particularly in a profession where the social aspect of things is so important. Maybe you even use a virtual background to mix it up on your Zoom calls.

Now imagine your backgrounds were professional images of listings from your portfolio. It shows clients what you’ve got to offer, sparks up valuable conversations — even leads to sales.

KB Park’s in-house photography team will create a bespoke, high quality image library for you, bringing your buildings, apartments and amenities to life. Suddenly, you could be making that call from anywhere — a stunning lobby in the heart of Brooklyn, to a courtyard garden in LA.

Use your background library to playfully promote your properties, while adding pizzazz to calls. It’s a clever, creative sales tool which reignites the social aspect of real estate you miss so much.

Browse a sampling of our virtual backgrounds and select your new background now. If you like what you see and want to develop your own library of background images, please contact us online or call us directly at 212-392-6179. Knightsbridge Park will create custom, immersive experiences that appeal to prospects and brokers by promoting your property’s best features.

See below for directions on how to use your background on Zoom and Google Meet.

Using Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

Using Virtual Backgrounds on Google Meet