Staying Safe by Going Virtual

The team at Knightsbridge Park has been focused on keeping our clients in touch with prospective buyers and renters despite the need for physical distance.

One solution is virtual tours, using everything from iPhones to specialized 360-degree cameras to make home hunters feel like they’re standing inside their new dwelling. While many of these techniques and technologies were already under development, recent events have pushed up our timeline and sent these tools into the wild, where they have met with an enthusiastic response.

Here are a few examples of virtual tours and appointments that Knightsbridge Park’s clients are offering.

For the Brooklyn apartments at 475 Clermont, Knightsbridge Park put together a Property Highlight Reel, bringing the building’s existing still imagery to life through a highly effective, dynamic video montage. The Highlight Reel for 475 Clermont tells the building’s story in 30 seconds, giving the viewer a glimpse of the luxury amenities as well as the interiors of the residences themselves.

Another popular option for clients is setting up virtual tours in real-time, where agents use video conferencing technology to recreate the experience of walking through the residence, giving prospective buyers a close-up of their future home. Whether they’re looking at Fulton 555 in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, the Miami apartments at Wynwood 25, or the Long Island City condos in Skyline Tower, they can experience exclusive tours without leaving the safety of home.

As The Real Deal has pointed out, OKO Group has been at the forefront of this kind of virtual marketing, using everything from video tours of their sales galleries and amenities to online access to floor plans to provide prospective buyers with all the information they need about their forthcoming Miami condo projects at Missoni Baia and Una Residences.

Buyers looking at luxury homes in Old Pasadena will enjoy the fully virtual tours available for Terraces at The Ambassador Gardens. Digital visitors can take a virtual walk through the lobby and a number of the homes, giving them an intimate sense of what it feels like to live in these luxurious condos.

And a new video tour of the homes and amenities at ARO that was created by Knightsbridge Park brings a well-honed pitch to virtual space without sacrificing the visuals that sell the homes.

With shelter in place rapidly becoming a way of life, these technologies are already central to how real estate agents and clients interact, and Knightsbridge Park is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the digital marketing space by empowering our clients to thrive in both the virtual and physical worlds.

Visit the Knightsbridge Park COVID-19 Resource Center or request a copy of our Virtual Toolkit to find out how we can help guide your project through this tumultuous time. Stay safe and be well.