The Value of Instant Experience Ads

A famous adage says that when it comes to communication, “the medium is more important than the message itself.” And while we at Knightsbridge Park believe in the power of language to emotionally connect users, there is something to be said about the efficacy of a new medium that every marketer needs to know about: Instant Experience Ads. So, what are Instant Experience Ads, and how do they work? 

What Are They?
In short, Instant Experience Ads are mobile-only ads that are designed to encourage in-platform engagement on social media. By leveraging eye-catching video and/or photo content with succinct messaging, these ads provide users with a unique full-screen experience that acts a little like a microsite.

Why Use Them?
For real estate marketers, Instant Experience Ads are a great way to showcase the differentiating features of your property, drive traffic to your main site, and capture leads.

What Do They Look Like?

Instant Experience Ads can be composed of video, static images, carousels, and copy blocks (of 500 words or less). Although their structure is highly customizable, luxury real estate Instant Experience Ads often follow this format:

  • Header: Logo 
  • Section 1: About the building 
  • Section 2: Amenities
  • Section 3: Neighborhood / Lifestyle
  • Section 4: About the residences 

Examples & Results

In recent months, Knightsbridge Park has been creating Instant Experience Ads for luxury developments such as Central Park Tower, Skyline Tower, and One Manhattan Square.

In terms of analyzing performance, the best benchmark (i.e., measure of success) we have is CPLP (cost per landing page), which is typically $2.00 – $3.00 as a starting point. One advantage of Instant Experience Ads is that the CPLP is significantly lower than for other ad types, making them a very attractive option for marketers looking to gain traction.

In Summary

Consider using Instant Experience Ads as part of your overall campaign strategy to capture the attention of your audience and tell a story about your brand. Relatively quick to create and quite cost-effective, this custom ad experience produces a very positive ROI in the luxury real estate space.

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