The XI: A Visionaries Gallery Elevating the Sales Gallery Experience

Home to many of New York City’s best art galleries and museums, Chelsea is currently experiencing yet another creative awakening; this time, at the cutting-edge intersection of art and architecture. Right now, this marriage of inspiration and function is nowhere more apparent than inside the unprecedented Visionaries Gallery—a spectacular sales gallery for The XI (“The Eleventh”) the new twisting towers developed by HFZ Capital Group and designed by Bjarke Ingels Group.

The XI will feature stunning luxury Chelsea condominiums for sale, as well as the first urban concept by Six Senses Hotel & Spa. Residents of The XI’s West Chelsea condos will enjoy amenities expertly managed by Six Senses. While The XI continues to rise skyward, however, its Visionaries Gallery is drawing rave reviews from the real estate and arts communities for its innovative experiential approach to conveying what makes The XI so special.

This is a sales gallery where the word “gallery” truly encompasses all that you would expect from one of the nearby blue-chip institutions, featuring work by internationally renowned stage designer Es Devlin that acts as a collaborative response to Bjarke Ingels’ architectural vision. There is a freshness to Devlin’s work, coming in part from the way that it embraces creativity across boundaries, acknowledging the architect as an artist, and the sales gallery itself as its own conceptually innovative art installation.

Within the gallery, Devlin, who has worked on shows for Beyoncé and Adele, has created three separate installations that tap directly into the creative force of Ingels’ building design. The first piece, titled “Egg,” is an ingenious rendering of the Manhattan cityscape as an egg-shaped contained space, reflected over a set of mirrors. The piece presents the city as a work of art, and the space within the city as a canvas for the builder’s imagination. The organic lines of the work create a connection with Ingels’ naturally twisting design, as if the buildings were growing like stalks or vines twisting up from their foundations.

The second installation is a video called “Paper, Stone, Glass, Water,” in which the architect appears inhabiting an expanse of his own imagination as his sketches of the building come to life around him. The video is shown on a wraparound screen, bringing the viewer into the creator’s imaginative space. It’s a rare chance to channel the creative possibilities from which buildings are born, the personal and visionary process that allows an architect to leave his or her mark on the soul of a building, and on the city itself.

The third piece is called “Dance,” and features a model of the building that rotates atop a pool of water, suggesting both the Hudson River and imaginative potential. In an article at the design and culture website Cool Hunting, Devlin described her experience creating the gallery installation: “The three works are responses to the work of this extraordinary architect Bjarke Ingels, who I have admired for so long. It has been such a privilege to be able to respond to his work…What I have learned is that these objects that we are presenting today have to be tools, they have to help you see things that are as yet invisible because the architecture is not yet built.”

By embracing Chelsea’s artistic spirit, as well as the incredible talent of Devlin and Ingels, HFZ Capital Group has ushered in a new era of luxury real estate sales gallery design. Finally, brokers and buyers alike can feel the inspiration behind a property. The XI’s Visionaries Gallery is more than just a sales gallery; it is also its own work of art, and worthy of the enthusiastic coverage it has received since opening its doors earlier this year.

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