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With a dual emphasis on luxury and convenience, the turnkey home trend in real estate has been growing substantially in recent years. None other than Architectural Digest recently published a piece calling these fully furnished designer digs the “next big thing.” 

Staging a home for viewing is a common practice, but staging a home to be purchased as is, with all the furniture and furnishings included, is something else entirely — particularly when the homes are designed and furnished by acclaimed industry veterans. In these cases, what the homeowner is buying, in addition to the home itself, is an entire interior design vision from a well-established master in their field.

Within the realm of turnkey homes, there’s a standout in our partner studio, Eqpt (pronounced “equipped”), a unique service that offers a highly customizable and collaborative turnkey process. Residents at Eqpt-activated buildings can shop instantly through stunning renderings and virtual fly-throughs, accessing an interior design that is fully customized for their home by a world-renowned designer, before even entering the living space. 

Eqpt’s collaborative process is completely personalized; the end result is a design that feels like a natural extension of the chosen inspirational elements. Once a design is completed, clients have the option to purchase anything within it and to swap items in freely. The design is then executed entirely by Eqpt and includes white-glove installation. 

Turnkey homes are on the rise, and Eqpt, specifically, is offering something truly one of a kind. Whether a developer, landlord, or resident, head over to Eqpt and experience stellar custom designs in just a few clicks.

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